Impaler news

I have a cover for Impaler, and a publication date! This makes it seem so much more real. Me being, well, me, I think it would feel even more real with an actual physical book to hold, but cover art that gets the mood of the book and a solid schedule is almost as good. Read More…

Time marches on

And my vacation time endeth: tomorrow it’s back to work – hopefully a good year this year. On the writing front, a few paragraphs of basic scene-setting/transitional stuff, establishing the situation and mood before I knock my POV character on his butt with the shock of his life. You’ve got to do these things properly.

New Year and a new start

After spending quite a bit of time reorganizing things here and making the place fit to be seen (an activity mirrored by what’s been happening in the house), I’m finally ready to call the site ‘live’ – that is, I’m committing to regular updates about writing, life in the writing world, and pretty much anything Read More…

I owe, I owe

So off to work I go. Alas, another too-short weekend has ended. On the plus side, over at Naked Reader I’m getting a trickle of sales – not bad for a few days availability and a minimal budget. The nice thing about being published by a start-up is that the folks there are very good Read More…


So far I’ve spent more time on this blog getting the administrivia working – layout, extra information and so forth. I think – hope – I’m getting closer to usable, which will be nice. In the meantime, some mangled metaphorical food for thought: when the professional writers’ association handbook is publishing certain well known but Read More…

Author Squee

I have a first novel. It’s not out yet, but you can see it in the schedule at Naked Reader. They’re also publishing a novelette, and I have a couple of short stories coming out with them as well. It’s an itty-bitty squee, but it’s still a squee.


So of course, instead of doing the outlines I should be doing, I’m fiddling around here working with the general appearance of the system. I wonder if there’s a prize for the procrastination? Kate

Moving in

I finally took the plunge and claimed myself a domain name and a website. Stuff will start showing up as I get things in place. Expect many changes until I get this thing settled and working to my satisfaction. Kate