Desperately Seeking Tentacles

So I’m putting together my presentation for Philadelphia Test Bash and I’m running it with a theme that’s more or less “insecure software opens portals to the nether realms where betentacled eldritch nightmares await”.

So naturally, I need to add tentacles to my slide deck. Creepy music, too, if I can find any that will work and isn’t copyrighted to hell and back (they have all the lawyers).

A quick web search didn’t give me the kind of thing that I could manipulate into something that works on a slide deck, but I’ve got until November, so that’s okay, right? Right?

Or should I go and panic now?

(There will be more of these as the date draws nearer).


15 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Tentacles

    1. Not that that’s a great one for getting random tentacles to insert into your slide deck, but the illustration could be used as a slide all by itself: “forget to check for CORS, and this is what happens to your website” — show this slide.

    2. Thank you! I may need to go that direction if I can’t find what I’m wanting most (although it’s more like “Forget to check for XSS” than “CORS”)

  1. Are you aware of This software developer seems to have an intimate understanding of the dark side.
    She has been on hiatus since December 2016. Perhaps she is now trapped in an alternative realty.

  2. O/T, but important in my little world:
    June Foray; the voice of Natasha Fatale (Bullwinkle), Witch Hazel, etc has died.

  3. You might be able to google some pretty creepy looking tentacle-ish fractals. As a bonus, these infinitely iterated shapes are really the result of software running mad.

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