One problem solved

The Bugger-cat has been acting as though he’s utterly starving well before it’s time for the wet food to be broken out. So this morning I did a little experiment to see if his sense of smell has diminished so he’s not registering the kibble as “good to eat” – I opened a spare can of wet food and added it to the morning kibble.

Suffice to say, the Bugger-cat’s sense of smell is indeed diminished in strength. I had a Bugger-cat wrapping around my legs before I could finish opening the can, and didn’t get to mix it in with the kibble as I’d planned because it was impossible to extract kitty faces from bowls for long enough to do any mixing. Particularly the Bugger-cat and the Baby-cat, both of whom damn near teleported to the bench to get their faces into the good smelling stuff faster. Her Highness, aka Princess Buttercup aka the kitten wasn’t quite so determined, but as soon as the bowls landed in their usual place she had her face in one.

Plans are being made to ensure the kibble stays smelling fresh for longer. Said plans involve airtight containers. Whether these containers are also kitty-proof remains to be seen.


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