Renovations Day 3

I’m still searching for a plugin that will automagically post to Facebook and other social media thingamajigs for me because I’m lazy and want to set it up once then let it do its thing forevermore. In the meantime the plugin that used to do that once upon an eternity ago is disabled because it really doesn’t want to work. I’ll probably delete it soon. Along with the other plugins I’m not using. If I need them back I can always re-add them.

Most of the actual work-work is going to be happening on weekends simply because after a day at work braining is a challenge. I’m still trying to do something here each day, even if it’s a modest something. Like, you know, phoning in a post.

It’s a good thing I’m used to progress in itty bits with work, or this would drive me even more insane than I already am.



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