Renovations in Progress

And by that I mean renovations to the site.

I can’t believe I neglected things for this long… Actually? Yes, I can. Because I am lazy and blogging isn’t something that comes naturally to me. Go figure.

Anyway, the to-do list is currently rather long:

  • Find a suitable replacement for the default header image. The theme is a nice one, but the default image isn’t really right.
  • Clean up the old posts and archive the bloody things. Or not. There may be reasons to leave them up.
  • Nuke old comments I haven’t moderated in an eternity. Yes, I know, my bad, but if you really want to comment you might have to go via moderation again.
  • If the flaky old FB integration continues flaky, find a suitable replacement.
  • Get into the habit of making a short update on this daily. Just because.
  • Try to categorize stuff I write with something approximating accuracy – or switch to tagging. It seems kind of insane to use both.
  • Be myself. Raw and unfiltered, but nothing like as pleasant as honey. Okay, this is more a “be honest” thing than anything else.
  • Try not to beat myself up if I don’t get much traction on this. I’m not a Name and that’s okay.
  • And so on. In circles usually because this is stream of consciousness thinking.

So how did things get this way?

The usual mix of good intentions, insufficient time, and then the hassle of resurrecting my old browser profile (and saved logins) from a computer that crashed and burned. There was always something better, more important, or more interesting to do, so I did that instead of this.

It took a friend giving some damn good advice about marketing (check out Mad Genius Club for some of the results, none of which are in my posts) to convince me I needed to get my act into gear and even then it took me another week or so to actually do something.

Such is life.


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