Still Waiting

According to the mail order pharmacy it’s been shipped. It just hasn’t reached our mailbox yet.

I’m managing at work – thankfully we’re not in one of the crazy-times, because I don’t think I could manage that. The rather more sedate pace I’ve got at the moment is challenging enough.

Not helped by the shortage of office space which has seen the room I used to use when I needed to nap repurposed as an office. I knew it was happening, and they’re going to find me an alternative. It’s just that right now said alternative is curling up on the floor under my desk. Yes, I sleep that way. It’s quieter than trying to sleep in the break room, especially since that’s also the kitchen and I usually need to sleep after lunch if I need it at all (which is kind of a given this week).

I feel like the little kid “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” only with “Is it here yet? Is it here yet?”

I swear, once this arrives, I’m making a recurring calendar reminder to notify me so I reorder a month in advance to give me enough leeway for the inevitable cock-ups.


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