That moment when…

… you turn around and realize that the kitten (who is really a cat, given that she’s almost 2 years old) has brought you all her socks so you can throw them for her.

She likes to steal socks from us whenever she can, even though she has three pairs of her own (a collection of mismatched socks whose other halves have worn out or been lost over the years) that get thrown for her when we realize she wants a game of catch the sock. She’ll bring her prey back and leave it near us, then come and complain when we don’t realize it’s there fast enough.

Of course, she also knows roughly when we usually wake up, and starts complaining if we stay in bed too long. Then at night she complains if we don’t go to bed at our usual time. And being Siamese, her complaints tend to be a little challenging to ignore.

One day we’ll get video of her sock-catching antics and post it. In the meantime y’all will just have to make do with your imaginations.


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