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One of the first things you learn after you start work in a corporate environment is that weekends are never – ever – bloody long enough. This revelation is often followed closely by the discovery that Dilbert really is funny. It’s a remarkable dividing line. People who have worked in a corporate environment laugh at Dilbert. People who haven’t don’t. And all of them agree, weekends are never long enough.

Which is why today was phenomenally unproductive. Some things got done, but none of them are things that actually matter in any way. Well, apart from the small and rather dismal amount of writing that happened.

Tomorrow I need to finish updating the site – the theme update needs to happen and isn’t simple because this particular theme has a nasty habit of overwriting the header images with its defaults. I still prefer it because it lets me set things up with the layout I like, but upgrading the thing is a pain. I also need to write a lengthy rant for my next guest post on According To Hoyt and do a few other bits of general maintenance around the house and computer. I should have done some of this today but somehow, it just didn’t happen.



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