Just. Don’t

Obviously I need to get better at posting regularly.

In the meantime, a very short one to point out that if you as an author are tempted to get into a virtual dick-measuring contest with another author for any reason, don’t. This is especially true if you are slagging the other author in order to puff up your own apparent worth. Particularly if you use images of the other author’s cover in your dick-measuring contest (hint: it is not fair use under the DMCA because you are using it for commercial purposes to promote your own work, not doing anything transformative or reviewing the thing).

And if you are so far gone that the target of your virtual dick-measuring is an author of fantasy for angsty teen girls, well…

Sweetie, we ain’t laughing with you. We’re laughing at you because you’ve gone and made yourself the funniest idiot in the global village.


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