Renovations Day 5

The Book of Faces plugin worked. Go me.

Today’s effort has been to hook up Twitter and G+ to echo this stuff. So if all goes as planned, the social media thingamajiggamies will be mostly there.

The next major effort is to reconfigure the Amazon links and redisplay the widgets that link direct to my works there – and get my itty bits of financial goodness from those who click upon them to purchase. That may take a while – I disabled that widget because the Amazon API and format changed and at the time I didn’t have time or mental energy to do anything about it.

Minor effort is to find/create/beg a more accurate header image. I’m not sure what I’ll do with that one yet, but I’ll figure something out. It’s kind of jarring to see the wolfy thing staring at me when I refresh to check my posts.

Oh, and I’ll probably wind up setting up my Mad Genius Club posts each Thursday to echo here, since I’ve got a bit more audience there than I do here.

Major decisions to make:

  • Categories, tags, or both?
  • Snippets?
  • Clean up old posts or leave them?
  • WTF kind of picture do I actually want as a header image?

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