Sunday Pot-pourri

System build phase two (unplanned) appears to be pretty much done. So much for what I thought I’d be doing this weekend – when your hard drive starts with the click-whirr that indicates it’s not spinning up properly, it’s time to bail. I will admit to not considering that the extreme age of the hard drive in question (it’s been in damn near constant use for 10 years. It’s served its purpose and then some) when I did the last rebuild. Oh well.

I now need to hook the two systems together with the neat little KVM switch I’ve got so I can flip between them and not need to have two keyboards on an already cluttered desk. That’s probably the easy bit. The not-so-easy… Well, while firefox settings transfer nicely from Windows to Ubuntu, the reverse is not the case. I’ve managed to get my bookmarks over, but all my saved passwords are stuck on the linux system and likely to remain there forevermore – another reason to keep both running.

I’m going to keep the linux system as clean as possible and use that as the writing system. Windows is for, well, everything else. That way, I don’t sit here with distractions everywhere and fiddlefart around until nothing gets done. At least in theory.

And we all know about theory. It’s that wonderful place where everything does what it should, not like life at all.

In other news, it’s hard to believe I’m less than a week out from the Discworld con. Wow…


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