Sunday Pot-Pourri

RavenCon was wonderful – I’m making plans to be back there next year. I also booked Philcon and Capclave for this year. With any luck I can build myself a circuit of conventions that are close enough to drive to and let me make a fool of myself in public often enough that people know I’m there and buy my books to shut me up (I tell friends that “shut up, Kate” is an acceptable way to tell me I’ve gone overboard. So far only my husband has taken me up on it).

Work is still – or possibly more  – insane. A level of work that was once enough to keep eight analysts and one lead busy is now being done by five full-time and one part-time analyst. For some reason this is causing problems. Maybe when I find where my brain has run off to I’ll be able to work out why we haven’t all become magically super-efficient.

Spent some time this weekend checking over PDF proofs for Impaler. It’s looking good – dead tree copy should be done Real Soon Now. I’d bounce, only there’d be a lot of things still bouncing when I stopped, and it’s probably a crime against humanity or something.

Next big challenge: find what’s left of my brain, drag it back home, and make it work. I need to write more.


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