Sunday Pot-pourri

The end sequence of the current book has finally clarified itself. If I can make this work it’s going to be a wild ride. Hopefully also a funny one, although that will depend on just how things pan out once I get into the writing. There are going to be a lot of balls in the air and not all of them are going to belong to a juggler, so to speak.

Work continues insane, with a forecast of further madness for at least the next two weeks.I’d like to be able to say I’m handling it well, but I’m only just staggering through the week, and spend the weekends recovering enough to start the next week-long stagger. It’s a bit like the treasure island sequence from Yellowbeard… “Stagguh…left”

The Mad Genius Club group blog got caught in the MegaBloggerFail, and now has a new home. Make sure to check the place out – all the posts have been migrated, and we’re getting the place nice and comfy and mad-geniusy.


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