Sunday Pot-pourri

Well, the refreshed system is mostly behaving nicely – most of my applications came back with no (or minimal) hiccups once I had the right things installed. I have two irritations: the online game I play for relaxation (an all-ages MMORPG called Wizard101) has acquired an annoying red overlay on some of the objects which makes parts of it pretty unpleasant (the joys of running software with WINE… Alas, not the alcoholic sort although there are times it would drive you to drink), and Kindle For PC refuses to open (again, running under WINE). I’ll get it sorted eventually, just not tonight.

NADWCON draws ever-nearer. I’m looking forward to that, but I have to admit right now I’m more looking forward to the week-and-some vacation that goes with it. This is the “recession of the overworked” as those that have jobs work themselves into the ground in an attempt to keep them. Roll on middle-class-retirement-plan, otherwise known as winning the lottery. They just will not draw the right numbers.

In writing news, there is news in the wings, but the stars have to align and the Gods of Weird be propitiated with further offerings of the tattered remnants of my sanity before I can make any announcements. Rest assured that announcements will be made as soon as the stars, planets, moons, and ruined sanities align.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Pot-pourri

  1. Kate, I’d gush all fan-boy, but that’s really kinda juvenile.

    It’s more accurate to say that I am impressed and respect what you’ve come through with the system rebuild. Having done more than I can count, the only thing I can think of is that at least you get paid to do the tech job, it was just kinda tagged onto my list of “and also do” skills at the accounting office where I’m supposed to be … well … accounting stuff.

    Keep up the good tasks, I’m certain there’s a payoff somewhere. And I’d hate to see the author of Born in Blood and Impaler (only 20% into the second one so far, no time to read dang it!) succumb to the travails of a busy life.


  2. Daniel,

    I get to do gushing fangirl in a week-and-some at the Discworld convention. There’s always room for the fan-kid so long as it doesn’t take over 🙂

    And thanks – system rebuilds are rarely problem-free, but this has so far been the best one yet. I just need to keep virtual appendages crossed and figure out the problems I do have. (I don’t cross the real appendages – it makes it too hard to type)

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