There are no words

Some of the educational images posted to the “gentleman’s” twitter feed can be seen here: Fair warning – they are stomach-turning, all the more so because they are cataloging something that actually happened.

I can’t say what I think about this because there are no words strong enough to encompass the level of disgust engendered by this piece of excrement’s blithe assumption that those who survived one of the worst slaughters of the 20th century benefited from “white privilege”. None that I can repeat in public, at any rate. No words strong enough to fully express the fury that this specimen is permitted to continue in his lucrative line of employment while others who have made far less bigoted statements have been hounded from public office, employment, and entertainment venues.

Apparently this end tag of excrement knows no means other than “white privilege” that could make good or bad things happen. This is an indictment not only of his personal mental candlepower (judging by the evidence, not enough to light one, maybe enough to keep one going), but of the schools and colleges he attended. He is a privileged fool who will one day suffer the consequences of his idiocy. He is fortunate indeed that most holders of “white privilege” are also civilized people and will not hunt him down to take personal vengeance for the careless insult he has given not only to the survivors of the Holocaust and the 6 million or so who didn’t survive, but to the estimated 100 million murdered by Communism (many of them pale-skinned) and the survivors of the Siberian labor camps, Chinese internment camps, Pol Pot’s Cambodian killing fields, and entirely too many more to name who have found their way to the United States of America with nothing but the clothes on their back (often donated by kindly strangers) and made a life for themselves. He has also insulted every black survivor of such horrors by implication – his flip dismissal makes it clear that he considers growing up black in the USA to be far, far worse than the suffering of those caught up in genocidal wars.

May he learn differently without having to experience the truth for himself.



6 thoughts on “There are no words

  1. I’m glad you wrote this. It saves me from flailing about in a screaming rage trying to purge the idiocy.

    Once the red curtain recedes, I find I hope they keep opening their mouths and letting their tongues flap about. The accumulation of this sort of dreck may one day bury them.

  2. Thank you for marshalling the composure to state, in civil fashion, a better version of response than most I’ve read…
    You’re better than I: My emotion is so inflamed by — not so much by Toure-the-tick’s initial idiocy, as by the supporting responses from his comrades in the melanin-obsession industry — that I’m finding it impossible to remain civil.

    Indeed, concerning your closing comment: “May he learn differently without having to experience the truth for himself.” I’m of the opinion that he’d best understand and gain a desire to recant his foolishness from directly experiencing the vibrant reality of his Statist World… “good & hard” as the saying goes… and triple the sentiment for his fellow-travelling melanin-worshippers!

    My Great-Aunt’s biological family is of their ilk, perhaps watching what they’ve put her through has tinted my perceptions concerning their racist viewpoint. I’m not really sure.

    As stated, you’re “a better man than I am”: your writing shows a distinct lack of bitterness I find myself envying!

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