Tomorrow there will be snark

It’s my Mad Genius Club day tomorrow, and I’ve just finished writing the post and setting it up to go live early tomorrow morning. My snarkometer went a bit wild, so yes, there will be snark tomorrow, starting at 7 am.

For an idea of the goodness (or snarkiness, really) to come, here’s the start of the post:

Since there’s been an awful lot of discussion around the interwebs on ethics, and whether it’s moral to accept the money of someone you despise (my opinion is “fuck yes, if you want something I’ve written enough to pay me for it, I’ll take the cash”) I figured it was worth me putting together a short guide for those who wish to ensure that they never need to taint their virtue by accepting money from me, specifically for those who write fiction.

  1. Place message first. I’ll cheerfully read something with interesting characters and a decent plot even if it’s got a message I think stinks, but if your masterwork is a thinly disguised treatise on whatever your message is, then even if I agree with you, I won’t buy it.

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