Two Steps Forward One Step Back

Progress of a sort – the sequel to ConVent is back on the active list, and words are being added. As always, snatching time in between everything else, which means that when work or home stuff goes insane, not much wordage happens.

Big plus, hubby finally has a working computer again. We’ve also got a perfectly good spare CPU and power supply. All that’s needed is the box, motherboard, and hard drive (there’s enough spare DVD drives around the place to swap one in from one of the old boxes) and I can set up Geek Girl Dream System – a good Ubuntu box with all the bells and whistles, while repurposing my current machine as the windows box (which I need to remote into work) and hooking them together with a nice, simple KVM setup. No more dual booting (which doesn’t involve nearly enough actual boots for my liking).

Yeah, I’m a shameless geek. My day job is pure Geek Girl cred. And of course, all the futzing around with hubby’s system has played utter havoc with getting anything writing-ish to happen. Such is life.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll get a chance to pull together a link splat of the Impaler-palooza posting spree (still happening at Mad Genius Club every Thursday at 8am US Eastern time) so all of it’s in together. Lots of rambling to collate there.


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