In Which The Bugger-Cat Suffers Indignities

Apparently having a Day is a common thing: the Bugger-Cat spent a good chunk of time this afternoon at the vet. Again.

The poor little imp has chronic diarrhea (those of a sensitive disposition may wish to go elsewhere now) and since he’s a bit over 10, thoughts of cancer rear their ugly head when all the usual culprits test clean but the sloppy deposits continue to land in places they shouldn’t be – especially when the cat himself has trouble making said sloppy deposits and is clearly straining and at times in enough pain that he’s crying.

In addition, he’s been having issues at the other end, with some truly spectacular power pukes. Since we got some cat grass he’s chewing that then puking, but it’s nothing like as nasty as what was coming out that end before we got him the grass.

Hence, vet.

At this point the primary suspect is inflammatory bowel disease, possibly causing thickening of the intestines (leading to partial blockage which in turn means things aren’t moving through properly, hence… you get the idea), so he’s got treatment for that in the form of a steroid shot before he left, plus a vitamin B shot to help with the nutrients he’s probably not absorbing too well what with the sloppy deposits and power pukes. We start him on a course of steroids tomorrow, along with a short antibiotics course.

If there’s no improvement, we get to take him to get an ultrasound so they can see what’s going on inside. That’s not exactly cheap, but if it will get his Buggerness a better quality of life the Husband and I are all for it.

And just to top things off, it turns out that the other call of nature came through while we were taking the Bugger-Cat home after his veterinary indignities, because there was a remarkable amount of piddle in the cat carrier when we let him out. Cue one fast cleanup and a cat carrier outside drying after liberal use of the hose.

I may eventually have brain, but it ain’t going to be today.


Yes, this is mostly the same as will show up on Mad Genius Club tomorrow morning. I do not have the brains to write two posts this evening.


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