The Bitzer Update Post

This is something of a bitzer post – bitzer this and bitzer that – since there isn’t any one thing that’s dominating today.

The release aftermath grumbles on, rather more quietly today, with testing problems reported by customers and figuring out what needs to be fixed, fixing them, and testing the corrections.  Today’s on-call time after I got home was pretty much a non-event (alleluia!) and everything else grumbles on more or less as normal.

I’m getting better at cycling – the rides are getting faster, and I’m finding it a lot less difficult to get up the hills than I was when I started. The palm-sized bruise on my arm from where the bowstring clipped it yesterday doesn’t hurt too much unless I accidentally hit something with it (kind of challenging, since it’s the inside of my arm, near the elbow), and I can walk for longer before my back starts to hurt. I’d call that a triple-plus on the fitness front.

I still need to finish cleaning up the site, but it ain’t happening this week when all my spoons are getting soaked up by work. Maybe this weekend will see some progress.


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