The Day After The Day

You guessed it – more chaos today. I did manage to work out that one of the problems is that while our customers, the customer support people, and my team are all using the same words, we’re not using them to mean the same thing. This means we’re often needing several go-arounds to work out just what is going on, before we can start to decide if there’s an actual bug or not.

So today we deployed the first of what are likely to be several hot-fixes. These clear out the most pressing problems and don’t have much risk attached. Monday and Tuesday being the busiest days, we’re expecting major chaos, and everyone is volunteering (in preference to being voluntold) to be available in some fashion after 5pm. I’m not staying at work because narcolepsy etc., but I will be bringing the laptop home and be on call if I’m needed.

Meantime, I’m eagerly awaiting the end of pollenpocalypse so my damned eyes stop itching.


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