Quasi Midlife Crisis aka The Demon Cabelas

Normal people having a midlife crisis buy expensive cars. We buy weapons.

The Husband and I have been considering getting bows for a while now and using part of our 3/4 acre yard as a target range. Today, we got a step closer: we went to Cabelas (which is a demonic entity designed to separate us from our money in the guise of a sporting goods store). Tried some recurve bows in the store’s archery range (which is really neat, I might add. It’s nice being able to try shooting a bow to see if it works for me before I buy it), then spent an undisclosed sum on a bow each (The Husband’s is a 40lb draw, mine is a 25lb draw) and assorted accessories.

We would have set up in the back yard, but the weather turned a bit nasty and drizzly, so we’ll probably try tomorrow, weather permitting.


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