Things I did on my Vacation – Day 1

The day dawned bright (actually it didn’t, it dawned bleak, wet, gray, and cold, but let’s go with this for the purposes of narrative, shall we?) and the Fair Lady Kate did spring forth (yeah, like heck she did) and gird her loins for the dread battle to come.

No ordinary battle, this: the Fair Lady sought to vanquish the legions of Dustbunnies Of Unusual Size, dread beasts that have terrorized the folk of the realm for years uncounted (this part is true. If you ever have to choose between Dustbunnies of Unusual Size and Rodent of Unusual Size, go with the ROUSs. They’re much less vicious). And so, wielding the Broom of Righteousness did the Fair Lady Kate go forth unto battle.

The long, grim battle did rage all the day, until at last the final dread Dustbunny was slain.

And the Fair Lady Kate did think, “Oh bugger. Tomorrow is cleaning the Bathrooms Where Angels Fear To Tread.”


3 thoughts on “Things I did on my Vacation – Day 1

  1. {Smile} As my first supervisor at the university library I used to volunteer at would say each year, “After Christmas, I’m going to take time off to clean my house. I am not taking a vacation; I am going to clean my house.” {SMILE, wink}


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