When is True and False not True and False

I check The Daily WTF for their chronicling of interesting and perverse efforts in the software world. While the quality of the articles has… suffered somewhat recently, the commenters often produce utter gems. Such as this delightful offering in response to Extra-Boolean ‘logic’


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2014-06-02 06:55 • by QJo (unregistered)



This leads itself to expansion:

Smidgeon of truth
Possibly True
Probably True
More True
Most True
Extremely True
Religious Conviction

Not Entirely Sure
Seriously Doubtful
More False
Most False
Utterly False
Political Statement

… and so on.

Is it then possible to assign a complement operation upon an ExtraBoolean such that the complement of e.g. Seriously Doubtful is Probably True? Or does one need to posit the existence of statements whose extra-boolean truthiness and falsitude are in fact independent? e.g. a statement may be Most False but at the same time Possibly True? We could build an entire field of mathematics upon this concept. Perhaps model a statement’s Extra-booleanity on the complex plane: truthiness along the real axis and falsitude along the complex. Then a statement that is purely Political Statement, when multiplied by the negative square root of minus one becomes a Religious Conviction?

Might this analysis be used to get to the bottom of the relationship between US and UK during the early 2000’s?


Personally, I love the whole idea that a Political Statement multiplied by the negative square root of minus one can become a Religious Conviction. It explains so much!



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