Authorial house hunting

For various reasons Tom and I are going to have to move house, probably somewhere around March. This has propelled us from comfy chaos in the place we’re renting to the scary realm of the first time home buyer. On the plus side, we know what closing costs actually are and why they’re so steep. We’re kinda prepared for that, now. We know our price range and target region. We’re working with a realtor to look at houses, and we’re doing our damndest not to fall in love with anything because our price range in this part of the world is the “blink and it’s sold” range.

Not to mention, the program of sorting, chucking out nearly 7 years of accumulated crap (from just this place), and packing has to start, soon. The last thing either of us wants is to try to do it all on one weekend.

Needless to say, I’m going to try to keep updating (you know how bad I am about that…) but actual writing stuff might be a bit on the scattered side.

Progress is still happening in its usual extreme pantsery way – check out the Extreme Pantser’s Guide series over at Mad Genius Club. When I’m done with that, I’ll be reposting it here, and collating the posts to put up for sale. In – of course – my abundant spare time.


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