Ah, the glories of perspective

So in breaks in the job, while I’m monitoring a long-running process I needed to nurse, I decided to start flagging things that need fixing in ConSensual. I haven’t looked at it since I finished the draft a few months back.

Wow. The difference that bit of distance makes is amazing. I already knew that, but it really hits home when you get sucked into a book you wrote so hard you don’t even realize until you get to the end. Oops. It doesn’t need much in the way of editing, either (she says with hope). Some character name surgery due to changes that were made in the ConVent edits which happened while ConSensual was being written, a couple of places needing a bit more show and a bit less tell, a tweak near the end and a bit more of the afterglow. (You know what I mean: that warm fuzzy feeling of happy now the action’s over and the right people have won.)

Hopefully looking at it on kindle will give me enough distance to make that doable without having to fight the allure of the story.


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