I owe, I owe, so off to work I go

Yes, I’m now officially back to the day job – reminding myself as often as I have to that it’s not that important. No matter what it is, it’s not that important.

You see, I’ve got this nasty tendency to take on rather more responsibility than I actually have, which leads to frustration, and the occasional outbreak of Vlad. I do need to remember that no matter how tempting it might be, society frowns on impaling one’s co-workers these days. Besides, getting the blood and stuff out of the carpet is a right bitch.

One of my anti-stress activities is to play the Overlord games. There’s something about being really evil in a computer game that’s marvelously cathartic. I can name all the sheepies and all the peasants for anyone who’s been bothering me, and slaughter them. Overlord 2 has a neat “execution” animation, too – the first hit (with a decent weapon) will take down the peasant, and then while they’re on the ground, there’s a stabbing animation to finish them off. I’ve been taking way too much pleasure in triggering that one. Still, I am playing for ultimate evil, so it fits the game play.

Besides, Chaotic Evil is about right for what the day job is doing. Hopefully it will settle back to Lawful Evil soon.


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