New Banner Squee

There’s a new banner on the site, courtesy the multitalented and multi-wonderful Patrick Richardson of the Otherwhere Gazette (among other things). Isn’t it sweet? (Anyone who doesn’t see it, just keep refreshing. You’ve got a 1 in 3 chance of that banner being displayed. The other two are my much less inspired efforts for Impaler).

Thanks, Pat. I love it, and I really appreciate you doing this for me.


One thought on “New Banner Squee

  1. G’Day Kate,
    I think Iam your cousin or second cousin, your mum is Jann your grandma was Doris Pascoe from Newcastle, ( Adamstown )My Dad was Alan Pascoe Doris’s brother.Your mum sent dad a xmas card not knowing that he pasted away August 2010. She said that she had just been to visit you and your sister in the states and that she had moved into a retirement village in Queensland. If I have the right person please let me know

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