ConVent on Succuwiki?

I’m officially scared. I think ConVent is leaking – that’s the only reason I can think of for it to appear on the Succubus Wiki before the book is released.

Okay, Sarah Hoyt has done me a delightful cover that really captures the insanity of the piece, and quite a few people have seen snippets and enjoyed, but… on a wiki before it’s released? That only happens to Famous Authors, and I’m not one of them.

I think I shall go hide under the covers and weeble to myself for a while.

Those wanting to see what the fuss is about should head over to The Naked Truth tomorrow for snippet 3 (yes, the other snippets are still there)


One thought on “ConVent on Succuwiki?

  1. I have my sources honey… Anything and everything that is Succubi related appears in the SuccuWiki… eventually…

    Loved the book, lots of giggles for me personally, and it was a joy to read!

    Hoping to see more from you soon!

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