Well, I never intended the break from the blog to be quite this long. The usual reasons, excuses, etc. apply: work is in mega-feral mode and biting parts of my anatomy best not mentioned in public, I’ve had and am having a visitation from my mother (which wasn’t even in the picture three months ago, and now she’s in the US), and I’m not exactly managing to keep up.

Writing continueth, with a new piece of insanity bearing the provisional title Dark Lord’s Daughter.

So, just to celebrate or whatever, here’s a wee snippetses of the new piece.

Instead I peered from the cover of thick undergrowth at the neatly stacked bodies of the dead villagers. All the villagers, down to the babies. Elves made merry in the middle of the village, singing praises to their bitch-queen Goddess how this forest wouldn’t suffer from human cruelty now.
Obviously elvish cruelty was a different matter altogether.
Cursed things think because they’re pretty and have a female deity that they’re better than any of the other races. Usually they only ally with humans to battle whichever Dark Lord has their pretty little braids all knotted up this time. Unfortunately they see better and can keep quieter than just about anything. And the bastards can fight.
Worse, there were far too many for me and my little force of goblins.
Except that when I looked at that neat pile of corpses I wanted to kill the celebrating elves and carve those smug looks off their pretty faces. If you’re going to slaughter everything in sight, at least have the decency to despoil the corpses properly. Stacking them up like someone’s firewood just lacks respect.


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