Sunday Pot-pourri

Interesting week. On the work front, lurched straight into the next major project while doing cleanup and trying to track down a customer problem that so far hasn’t been reproduced in house from the previous projects.

Also much meeping over the LunaCon program. It’s the best schedule I’ve ever had for a con, and I’m terrified I’ll mess it up.

Spent a chunk of the weekend in Philly at the Penn Museum of Archeology – I didn’t get into the Silk Road exhibition: we arrived at 11am and the exhibit was sold out through until 6pm! – but the building it gorgeous, and the regular exhibits were fascinating. It’s worth a visit just for the Egyptian display.

Finished out by figuring out how to make bookmarks in Open Office (Using Draw, and existing images – it turned out not to be too bad). I’ll print off enough copies for handouts for Lunacon with maybe some over, and see how they work out. Also need to print off a couple of poster-ish copies of the Impaler cover – one to frame and hang on the Wall of Sha… er, Wall of Fame, one to take to Luna to show off, and one to pin on my cube wall at work, when I get a cube wall again.

Wordage, a pathetic 500 words or so. Shall try to squeeze more in this week before Luna, and will be taking the Eee to Luna in the faint and pious hope that I’ll get some more done then.


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