Our backyard eats arrows.

We have a largish yard (about 3/4 acre), and we’re close enough to rural that we can take our bows and shoot practice arrows at a target in the backyard. This afternoon’s exercise left us down two arrows because a) neither of us is all that good at it, so we both miss the target completely sometimes (the Husband does better than I do), and b) they bloody vanished.

No matter how strange it seems that neon-colored arrows with equally neon-colored fletching can just disappear, this is precisely what happened.

We hope they’ll reappear before the Husband mows, because if the lawnmower finds them, they won’t be usable afterwards.


2 thoughts on “Discoveries

  1. Get a couple of 4by4 posts, set them in concrete. Put up a sheet of plywood, paint it white, and put your bow targets in front of that. Cover it with plastic during the off season and it will last you for years.

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