I have an abundance…

Of kitteh, that is.

The Baby-cat sleeps beside my keyboard while the Bugger-cat is contemplating the possibilities of another round of snuggles. Her Highness Princess Buttercup has claimed the high ground of the back of my chair, giving her a lovely vantage point to contemplate her next attack on The Big Box which she has so far failed to conquer due to it being just a little too tall for her to tip and get into.

Meanwhile, the Husband is entirely free from kitteh attentions, possibly because he committed the vile sin of taking his shirt off, and none of them like snuggles with half-nekkid human. Apparently skin just doesn’t feel right. There must be cloth or the kitteh can’t have proper snuggles.

Yes, they’re spoiled. All of them.


One thought on “I have an abundance…

  1. In your ABOUT, you cite 2 Katz – while in this post, I count 3. Unlike the Hemingway Katz, I only have 4 clawz on my pawz, but I can count. Perhaps it is time to update your ABOUT.

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