April 2014
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I have, after much delay, finally entered the modern world of telephony. Yes, I’ve finally retired the antique PDA (dead) and cell phone (dying) in favor of a shiny new smartphone.

Of course, being me, the first thing I did was load Temple Run 2 on it. That game is a very effective way to waste large amounts of time while giving yourself RSI issues. Fun though.

The second thing I did was load Kindle for Android. I still need to port over the spreadsheet containing all my lists that used to live on the PDA, but I have a phone that won’t crap out after a couple of calls. Go me.

Jokes Gone Sour

For the longest time I regarded politics with a kind of detached amusement: a joke that didn’t really affect me all that much. Over the last few years it’s become obvious that I can’t do this any more.

You see, once you’d elect your political jokes every few years, laugh at their worst idiocy, and ignore the rest. Now though, the communist propaganda arm (always the most effective of all the communist organizations) has infested almost everything, with the result that people now spout Marxist pedagogy without realizing what they’re doing – they don’t actually know they’re talking pure Marx drivel. It’s what everyone who matters says or thinks.

When the USA was founded, the importance of a free press was held to be critical to maintaining a free nation. But what happens when the press is so thoroughly suborned they might as well be owned by the power brokers? It’s still technically free in the sense that there’s no higher power preventing publication, but when the higher power doesn’t need to prevent because everyone who matters in the media and entertainment world all follow the same Marxist twaddle, why would it bother? You don’t need to fear the watchdog while its asleep,  toothless, and you’ve bribed it with promises of steak.

Realizing that means accepting that nothing which hits the main media outlets can be trusted.


Stories that don’t fit the Marxist line will simply not be reported. You will never hear about major philanthropic work funded by oil companies through the major news and TV sources. Nor will you ever learn that in every single case where Israel is castigated for its actions in areas claimed by the Palestinian Authority, Israel is acting in response to an atrocity committed by Palestinian terrorists. Does Israel overreact? Sure. Their government is comprised of fallible humans. But I know of not one single case where Israel acted without provocation. The same can not be said of the Palestinian pseudo-political organizations, all of whom include the elimination of Israel and every Jew in the area as core dogma. You won’t hear about that from the major news organizations.

So what is someone who values her freedom to do? Whatever my path is, it doesn’t include either major political party. The Democrats are about as true to their name as your average People’s Democratic Republic, complete with a platform that would make your average Marxist weep with envy. And the Republicans… Ah, the Republicans. They too have been infested with Marxist twaddle and corrupted by the unending flow of Other People’s Money. Republican apparatchiks would happily sit as the eternal minority party as long as they have access to that spigot. In this, they are aided by the useful idiots of the Religious Right – those Republicans who are not content to be free to hold their religious beliefs: they must mandate that everyone else follow the forms their beliefs prescribe. It’s no different than banning supersized soda. The pseudo-Marxists responsible for that make the same claim as the Religious Right’s pseudo-Marxists: it’s good for you. We know best.

Except of course that they don’t. They’ve just proclaimed it so long and so loud that they’ve convinced themselves it’s true – and tragically, convinced a whole lot of others as well. If they truly did know what was best, they could be confident that living their lives would be enough to convince other people they had it right. Instead, they look down on those of us they’re trying to “help”, despising those who bend to their will and hating and fearing those who don’t.

The only thing they consider worse is the terrifying truth they dare not see: most people don’t care about them. Most people, even now, follow the old Jeffersonian line: if you don’t harm my body or my wallet, what you do is no business of mine. The corollary of course is this: if you do harm my body or my wallet, I will find a way to end the threat you present to me. When people decide that enough is enough, payment will come due.

I fear that it may already be too late to prevent that payment being exacted in blood.


Next Big Thing

So, Chris McMahon tagged me in the ongoing blog chain of the Next Big Thing. Me being itty-bitty writer-thing and currently brain-dead exhausted as well, it’s a good thing I wrote the guts of this last week.

The rules:

1. Give credit to the person/blog that tagged you. Did this
2. Post the rules for the blog hop. Here they are
3. Answer these ten questions about your current WIP (Work In Progress). Answered below.
4. Tag five other writers/bloggers and add their links so we can hop over and meet them. Since I don’t know that many who haven’t already been tagged, I have two tagees:

Sabrina Chase http://chaseadventures.com/

Thomas Sewell http://comeletusreasontogether.com/

(Edit: New tagee)

Barb Caffrey http://elfyverse.wordpress.com/

Now the questions and my answers

What is the working title of your book? Puppet Imperium

Where did the idea come from for the book? Where my ideas usually come from: a strange melange of things I’ve done, seen, and experienced tangled into something that stood up and told me I’d damn well better write this thing right now. Oh, and a character who wouldn’t shut up.

What genre does your book fall under? The plot and setting are pure high fantasy, but the tone is much more urban fantasy. Of course, I can’t do anything without it twisting, so this isn’t really surprising.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?Actors? You want me to name actors? Yeah right. I watch so few movies I couldn’t begin to answer this one. So readers will have to imagine their own actors instead.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? An orphaned girl holds the key to the fate of all the Realms, but she doesn’t know what she has.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? I have to finish it first. Then it will most likely be published by Naked Reader. No agencies will be involved. They wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? I’m still writing it. Usually it takes me about six months, mostly in between other things.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? Possibly the bastard offspring of Terry Pratchett on a day when the humor isn’t firing and every dystopian ever. I’m not aware of anything that’s close enough to this one to count, although the Discworld books without the humor come closest.

Who or what inspired you to write this book? It insisted, although a game called Pirate101 may have had a little bit to do with the seed. Inspiration is inadequate to describe what happens when I get hit by a book. It’s closer to having a maniac yelling at you that you’ll regret it all your life if you don’t do this thing RIGHT NOW.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? The antagonists are magical constructs with no emotions. They’re possibly the creepiest antagonists I’ve ever written, and that’s something for me – I tend to head straight to dark and keep on going. The main character has no idea what she’s landed in. She’s got a ridiculous price on her head and she doesn’t know why: she just wants to stay alive and free. Events don’t seem to agree with her.

And that’s that.

Apologies for excess weirdness, excess Kateness, and massive absence of Big Thinginess.



The train option is a little better, but I’m totally wiped out. There is nothing left.

I’m now looking to see what other options I”ve got. It’s not looking pretty.

Pray for me. I need it.


Adventures in Transit

So, driving to work is 2 hours each way, most of that in glorified parking lot conditions (off-peak it’s a 1 hour trip). So tomorrow I”m trying the train option – which consists of driving to the nearest rail station, catching the train in, and walking from there to work. If I’m going to spend 4 hours a day in transit I might as well spend half of it in a more or less relaxing fashion.

The thing with the drive is that it’s heavy concentration the whole way: there’s no relaxing in that kind of traffic. Worse, I have story running and can’t do anything about it. So now to charge up the eee so I can write on the train, and see what happens tomorrow.




A new chapter

Those of my two or three readers who follow this site know that I was laid off just on 4 weeks ago. Tomorrow, I start the new job – I’m incredibly lucky that I’ve had such a short time between jobs, and I know this.

Still, I’m nervous. The new job seems as close to perfect as I’m likely to get, but after 7 years at the previous place, it’s going to be a huge change. We’ll see how things pan out in this latest chapter of my personal story.

One thing I can be sure of. You couldn’t fictionalize my life. No-one would believe it.

ConSensual Is Released

Yay. It’s available from NRP now and should be available from Amazon, B&N and other locations soon.

In other news, I’m going to try to actually post regularly (you’ve heard that before, yes, I know), but not tonight. After spending way too long today trying to minimize casualties as yet more Klingon software happened (Klingon software is not tamely released, it escapes, leaving a trail of battered, bloodied testers in its wake. As one of the testers, I need to recover before I try to use what passes as my brain.

ConSensual edits done

The first round, anyway. I still need to do the format and typo hunt edit round, but my readers have the updated version in their hot little paws, and snippeting has begun in Sarah’s Diner on Baen’s Bar. I’ll snippet smaller bits here on a slightly different schedule.



Of keyboards and things

Yet again life got sufficiently crazy that updating here fell off the radar.

Meanwhile, I’ve just returned from buying a new keyboard – the third time I’ve done this in the last year. Why? I spend a lot of time typing, both at home and at work, and I’m kind of fussy about the tools I use. I’m okay with the moderately high quality standard keyboard my work system has but by far my favorite is the Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard. I like the feel of the keys, the spacing and separation, and the layout. Especially the layout.

The problem is the way the damn thing is built. It uses those bloody cheapass crappy printed on circuits that will stop working at the least little accident.  This replacement happened because the page up key was sticking – and I use that thing a lot. The last replacement happened because the cat tipped my water bottle on the keyboard. I tried – once – to dry out and keep using one of these after a water incident. No go: while you can take the thing apart, good luck putting the sodding beast back together afterwards. It ain’t happening. The end result is any gunk, gunge or liquid entry between keys is doom to the keyboard, and another $50 outlay for me.

I’m just as fussy about my mouse – I like the Logitech  performance MX series for the best shape and the most awesome scroll wheel – as well as excellent response. My big failing there is that I keep forgetting to recharge the bloody thing, so periodically I need to switch to the emergency backup mouse – your standard optical beastie with much cruddier performance. And yes, I do clean out optical mice. The supernatural ability of cat-fluff to get into the most amazing crevices does include the laser “window”. Despite the fact that I keep the cat off the mousepad.

On the writing front the work in progress approaches the 50k words mark, and I’ve got the markup pass for ConSensual edits done. I should have edits mostly sorted this weekend, barring disaster.

Meanwhile, the house-buying process grinds on. We’re still sending the mortgage people documentation of everything. Well, not each visit to the bathroom but damn near everything but. They’ve – finally – heard from the appraisal people and should have that in by Wednesday. For some odd reason it’s not possible to have a mortgage without an appraisal. Who knew?

On the realtor side, we’ve had to adjust the agreement because the stucco on the house (probably original or nearly and very elderly) needs replacing, to the tune of 8.5k. The sellers offered to split the cost with us and do their share as a seller assist, so we said “hell yes”. Amendments have been signed.

Closing is still the 16th of March (meep!), which also marks my first con of the year. Fortunately Lunacon is only 2.5 to 3 hours from here. I’ve already warned the programming people that I could be quite late Friday, so please don’t schedule me for anything then.

Now you do see why this blog keeps getting left behind? I really need to find a way to update more regularly, no matter how insane my life just got.


Inspection tomorrow

Writing continueth albeit in the gaps between everything else. Wordage is currently in the order of 37k, so I’m fairly happy considering how hectic things have been.

Meanwhile the home buying experience rolls on. Called insurance company today about what would be involved in getting home insurance and rolling the car and renters insurance in. Result lands in the OMFG territory: because the place is over 100 years old (built 1900), they won’t touch it unless everything is less than 10 years old, and even then they’re pricey. First time I ever heard of that an insurance company says you’re better off going somewhere else because we’ll get a better deal and better coverage from a competitor. Mind = officially blown. Again. At this rate they’ll be scraping bits of blown mind off everything I touch for the next few months.