April 2014
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We can haz expensive tastes

Hubby and I always figured our tastes were pretty simple. Wood, clean lines, darkish wood with a touch of red. So we start looking at assorted furniture places around here and online. Eek. I never knew our tastes were platinum-plated and diamond-studded in the budget department. We aren’t ready to buy just yet so we might be able to recover from the sticker shock by the time we have to actually get some of this stuff.

It’s been a busy weekend. Yesterday signed all the mortgage paperwork. Today put in the taxes, which can’t be finalized until we get a statement that won’t be happening until mid-February. Both days check out furniture in assorted places, looking at ideas and possibilities, mostly. Spend the rest of the day with heads spinning madly.

Where did all those books come from?

I finished the first pass on the books downstairs today. Three piles: one for hubby to decide if he wants them or not, one for donations, and one for books to keep. The donations pile is somewhere north of 1k books. The keep pile (well, piles) something more like 2k. And the books that migrated upstairs and never found a home downstairs haven’t been touched yet.

On the purely practical side, we signed the mortgage docs today. Home ownership is getting a lot closer. We’re alternating between sober, practical consideration about what’s going where and what to do with our stuff, and panicked meeping.

Right now meeping is winning.

What did you do today?

Me, I verified three bugs, created two more, did a lot of research into weird software behavior, wrote about 1k words on the current work in progress, and bought a house. Contract is now done, and our realtor will be calling tomorrow to go over paying the good faith deposit, organizing the inspections, and the timeframes for this. Loan officer who did the preapprovals will be calling tomorrow to set up an appointment for us to do all the paperwork for the actual mortgage.

Eep. And eek. And OMGOMGOMG with a side of WTF.

Yes, our first home purchase is something of an experience. Just the thought of owing that much money is scary.

Finished the chapter

Finally got that chapter down. For whatever the reason it fought me the whole way. Now I get the fun of all hell breaking loose part A, while I try to retain the tattered shreds of what passes for my sanity while juggling interesting times at work (the good sort, fortunately) and the huge adventure of buying our first home (and getting Our First Mortgage and Our First Homeowners Insurance, and Our First Property Tax and….).




I think we’ve committed to buying a house. Eek.

Expect intermittent and strange as the whole process goes through the systems. I did not expect to go from making the offer to accepting the counteroffer in under 24 hours.

The end approacheth

Of the chapter, that is. After this chapter is done, I move into a sequence that promises to make my main character’s life even more miserable. So far she’s had it easy – although she doesn’t think so.

In other news, if the nasty white stuff that’s supposed to fall out of the sky isn’t too bad we’ll be seeing more houses tomorrow, and hopefully being in a position to make an offer on at least one of them.

About a page

worth of wordage added today. Hopefully I can improve in this tomorrow and get back into the writing loop.

I’m a lot better off when I’m actively producing wordage. It’s something of a pressure valve for me. Besides, this piece is fun. Ah, SFF… where else could you get away with an entire culture that worships scatological puns?

The progress she is mixed

We’ve now seen three houses – house #1 ranks as “we could live there but has potentially serious problems”, house #2 is partway through renovation and will be magnificent when finished – but we are not the people to finish it. We don’t have the skills to do it justice. House #3 is “unless we find something seriously troublesome or it gets snapped up we’ll probably make an offer”. Now for the difficult part: trying not to fall for the place and staying rational for a second viewing and through any further process, as well as looking at other places in our target zone.

This is – big surprise – consuming lots of mental energy, so writing while it’s continuing is doing so at a crawl. I think I managed all of two paragraphs today. Which is still better than zero, so I’m counting it as a plus and hoping to squeeze more in somewhere.

A Hunting We Will Go

Houses, that is. This weekend is the first house visits with the realtor.


In Praise of Art

Not the pretentious self-styled “arte” with which the would-bes afflict us, but the real thing, or as close as you can get to it online: a virtualized view of the Sistine Chapel, post-restoration. Yes, this is the real thing. If you look closely, you can see the unevenly faded fabrics along the walls, and small tears caused by old cloth becoming brittle and pulling away under its own weight. You can also see unevenness with the floor tiles, and other such things that make it clear that this is actual footage of the chapel and not anything cleaned up, perfected, and shopped. About the only thing that’s missing is the crush of other people taking the tour.

Magnificent. Should this generation produce something half so wonderful, it will have done well.