One Day Plus One Pill Later

I’m not all the way back to Kate-normal yet, but I’m getting there. No lurking headache and no fuzzy-headedness for a start, plus I actually have a few spoons left after work where most of the last week I’ve been struggling to make it through work.

It’s quite remarkable the difference that one little pill makes (well, medium sized pill). Without it… Well, let’s just say I could chug Monster and not notice the difference.

This is why I’m all for the people with the chronic conditions having full control over their medications. Those of us who are sensible about it and know our limits don’t deserve to be penalized because the wannabe-Darwin-winners managed to fuck something else up, and we don’t deserve to suffer because some idiot bloody wowser is afraid someone somewhere is using that medication to have a good time.

Thus endeth the Saga of The Kate And The Missing Medication.


4 thoughts on “One Day Plus One Pill Later

  1. Huzzah! Also, you might want to give the Xyrem a shot. I put it off for years, but when I finally did start taking it, it really helps.

  2. That has been my point for quite awhile. Politicians seem to cater to the LCD and that is addicts. They also create problems. When Florida decided to crack down on pill mills, they ended ou killing kids. Why, because that opened the door to heroin. Pills became more expensive and heroin started taking over the market. To cut down on costs dealers started cutting on heroin and added fentanyl which not only cost less. At the same time they made people in chronic pain get even more prescriptions and doctor’s visits. It also made doctor’s afraid to prescribe opiates. Great thinking, guys.

    1. Oh, quite. It might make good sound-bites to squawk about the “war on drugs” and so on, but the actual effect is to make life harder for people who were already suffering.

      But who cares, when it increases government control over people’s lives? (Yeah, sarcasm).

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