Grr. Arg.

I have apparently Done Something to my right leg/hip. I’m not sure what, but getting up from a chair or climbing (or going down) stairs is not good right now. As in that side will not take my weight while the leg is bent. And of course, hurts when I’m doing such exotic things as getting up from chairs or going up and down any of the three flights of stairs in the house.

The working theory is that it’s a combination of the increased level of exercise plus a number of pre-existing issues: I have a tendency to throw my right foot inwards when I’m tired, and will invariably wear the inner side of shoes more than the outer (pronate? I think). Plus I was knock-kneed and pigeon-toed as a kid. I’m still knock-kneed, but I mostly trained myself out of the pigeon-toed part. It tends to come back when I’m tired/stressed/etc.

I’m still a bit over-tired from the last 2 weeks at work with the mega-deployment and the aftermath, so I can completely believe I’m doing odd things posturally that are putting extra strain on joints that are more than a bit rusty and are still getting used to the idea of being expected to work, so… the Husband and I figure we keep an eye on things for a week or thereabouts and if there’s no improvement or it gets worse, it’s a doctor’s visit.

Meanwhile, rather than stop the exercise I’m backing off a bit. Walking slower when we go walking, not riding as far in the rides. Not shooting as far when we’re practicing archery. That kind of thing (I’m hitting the target more often than not at a pretty decent distance. Totally not complaining).

On the Bugger vs Medication front, he’s down to just one pill now. Which went down without too much trouble today (for cat values of “not too much trouble taking pills” – no injuries and no kitteh-cussing).


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