The battle is won but the war never ends

The battle against invading thistle in the iris and lily garden, that is. The prickly invaders are relentless, determined, and nothing can keep them back for long. No matter how I hack, slash, and tear them out by their roots, they return to choke out the irises and lilies, to overwhelm the garden with their spiky nastiness.

But for now, for this precious moment, the garden is mine again.


4 thoughts on “The battle is won but the war never ends

  1. Sorry to be rather off topic here, but I heard you will run SP4 next year, and as someone who is appalled at the behavior of SJWs but is also not completely comfortable with some of the rhetoric of the SP campaign I wanted to bring something to your attention, in case there’s something there that you find worth considering. I will hang around, and depending of how comfortable I feel about how you guys get things done, I’ll decide on whether to be a puppy next year. Here’s the link, and sorry for intruding in the comment section of this post. I was not sure how else to contact you.

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