A new chapter

Those of my two or three readers who follow this site know that I was laid off just on 4 weeks ago. Tomorrow, I start the new job – I’m incredibly lucky that I’ve had such a short time between jobs, and I know this.

Still, I’m nervous. The new job seems as close to perfect as I’m likely to get, but after 7 years at the previous place, it’s going to be a huge change. We’ll see how things pan out in this latest chapter of my personal story.

One thing I can be sure of. You couldn’t fictionalize my life. No-one would believe it.


3 thoughts on “A new chapter

  1. I’m pleased that you found a new job and completely understand and empathize with your admitted nervousness.

    As for the last line — one of my writer-friends told me years ago, “Life just is. Art has to convince.”

    I think of that often, as my life is much like yours; there’s no way anyone would believe much of what’s happened unless he or she had lived it.

    *hugs* and best wishes.

    1. Thank you for the good wishes.

      It’s going to take some adjusting – it took me 2 hours each way – quite the shock after the 5 minute commute I used to have!

      1. I think your idea about taking the train’s a good one. Michael used to write on the subway when we were going back and forth to work in San Francisco; he found it “restful.” đŸ™‚

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