So far I’ve spent more time on this blog getting the administrivia working – layout, extra information and so forth.

I think – hope – I’m getting closer to usable, which will be nice.

In the meantime, some mangled metaphorical food for thought: when the professional writers’ association handbook is publishing certain well known but thoroughly unpalatable truths (at least, unpalatable to those who hold industry power), the wheels have already fallen off the cart, and the whole thing is tumbling forward on the strength of nothing more than momentum.


2 thoughts on “Administriviation

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I have stories in Something Magic This Way Comes, Fate Fantastic, Better Off Undead and quite a few of the Valdemar anthologies.

    I’ve also got two novella-length pieces available (Knights in Tarnished Armor, and Born in Blood) available from Naked Reader Press (They’re also for sale through Amazon, and I’m not sure how many other ebook stores). My first novel, Impaler, is due out early 2011.



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