Sunday Pot-pourri

This has been a week of convention recovery: after getting back home from Lunacon on Monday, I’ve spent most of the time getting my brain working again.

No new wordage, but I’m 3/4 of the way through a detailed pass on a novel – I LOVE my Kindle! Reading the piece on the kindle feels so much like a book that I can see more of what I actually wrote than if I read on-screen, or printed the whole thing out and read it that way. The itty-bitty keyboard isn’t easy to type on, but it’s good enough for notes like “repetition”, or “delete word” and such – which are enough for me to know what to do when I have the file on-screen and the kindle in-hand.

Work continues to be beyond insane. Plus side, I finally figured out a customer’s problem and we got a fix to them within a day. Minus side, I’m still going nuts with the big project.


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