Welcome to 2012

And good riddance to 2011.

Okay, it wasn’t that bad. My first novel, Impaler, was published electronically and dead tree, and my second novel, ConVent, was published electronically. Both are doing reasonably well, considering that if “self-publicizing” was an RPG skill, mine would be -100. I need a +1000 Blarney Stone.

Mum visited for three months, sharing the time between me and my sister in the DC area. That was good, too.

Somehow, though, the day job managed to overshadow all of that – I’ve spent the last week on vacation and I’m only now starting to move beyond “eat, sleep, play Overlord”. I haven’t been this fried in a long, long time. I’ve got some ideas on how to avoid getting that way again once I start back Tuesday – but whether they’ll survive the First Home Purchase Adventure and the Moving House Adventure remains to be seen.

On the writing front, Naked Reader is definitely taking ConSensual (the sequel to ConVent), the as yet unwritten sequel to Impaler, and the current WIP, working title Dark Lord’s Daughter. No, they’re not all coming out this year, unless I manage a miracle and get two novels written and one edited while moving house, buying house, and working the day job.

I haven’t finalized my con schedule for this year, but the tentative list is Lunacon, Ravencon, Balticon, Libertycon, Capclave, and Philcon. I can drive to all of them except Liberty. It and Balticon would be my first time at those cons. The other four I was at in 2011 and enjoyed, so I’m coming back.

Next up, work out how to keep this thing up to date without the gaping great absences that hit last year.


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