Stupid rules

I’m narcoleptic. This means I need medication to be more or less awake during the day. Said medication is one of the more heavily restricted ones – not as bad as Xyrem, which I’ve avoided because of the difficulties being on a medication that’s functionally GHB (including heaven help you if you’re ever found with the meds and not the prescription), but restricted enough – so I can’t set up automatic refills through the mail order pharmacy.

Long story short, thanks to that particular bit of excessive rule-making (which also means I can’t have them email me when it’s time to make a new order) combined with the sleep clinic thinking that I’d be okay to wait until my appointment with them in a couple of weeks, I have one pill left, which is being reserved until Monday. And hoping that the new supply arrives in the mail Monday, because going without sucks big-time.

Yes, it’s partly my fault. Yes, once it arrives I’ll set up my calendar to popup a reminder 2 months into the 3 month supply so I can order the new batch before the supply of the old one hits critical.

In the meantime, I still feel free to bitch. Every other script I take can go on automatic refill and I don’t have to worry about it: why not this one?


One thought on “Stupid rules

  1. You need to find a better pharmacy! Mine faxes my doc for his scrip letter, sends a person to pick it up, then calls me when the scrip is filled, usually a week before I run out. I take Metadate for the big N.

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