The Chronicles of the Bugger’s Medication

Thus far the score is Bugger 1, Sneaking meds into food 0. He got his pills the old fashioned way, with me me putting fingers down his throat then holding his mouth closed while he swallowed. After which he was petted and told he was a good boy.

For tomorrow’s attempt I will be crushing the pills and mixing them with his food. He has eaten medication this way in the past so hopefully that will do the trick.

Of course, while he’s getting medication, we have to feed him separately from the other two because they share the bowls (not really. They play musical bowls. Food goes in bowls. Cat faces go in bowls. One of them decides another bowl looks better despite them all getting the same food, so pushes face into that bowl. The displaced cat displaces the next one, and so on. It’s cute to watch but it means if we have to medicate just one of them we have to lock the one needing medication in kitty pokey). Which means isolation, at least while eating is happening.

Naturally, the poor little imp cried until the food arrived, then there was blessed silence while he scarfed down most of it then carefully avoided the pills hidden in there.


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