Mad Genius Club Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s Mad Genius Club post is written and ready to go, although why there is suddenly a desire to turn all the quote marks and apostrophes into other encoding when I’ve been copying from my wordprocessor to the WordPress editor without any issues for months is something I don’t get. Apparently something has decided to reset itself to where I’m going to have to aggressively strip out any autoformatting to have a readable post over there.

Over here, I’m just typing in directly, so it’s not an issue.

Also, sorry for not posting yesterday. Apparently coming home and discovering no fewer than four sloppy deposits from Bugger’s issues threw me more than I realized. I apparently totally spaced most of the evening, including posting.

He is displeased, since he saw the vet today, and an ultrasound to find out more about what’s going on in there is being organized. Hopefully that will tell us why the poor little imp can’t seem to manage to keep what he eats in there long enough to produce something more or less solid.


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