Off And On Again

So I missed posting yesterday. This is largely due to my curse of this time of year: allergy season.

The short version is, I’m very allergic to oak pollen, something I discovered when we moved to an itty bitty town with tons of mature oak trees. My first spring here I couldn’t breathe. I’ve habituated some in the ten years we’ve been in this part of the world: I no longer need a combination of a steroid shot, prescription nose spray and prescription eye drops supplemented with non-drowsy antihistamine to function. I actually function better than I did with all that on the antihistamine, OTC nose spray and OTC eye drops.

I still get days with horrible headaches and eyes that just won’t stop itching: yesterday was one of them. Today is another, but not having to focus on work means I have enough spoons left to think about things like the site.

On the plus side, while it’s exposure to pollen, I’m getting better with cycling, to the extent that what started as a 1/2 hour ride where I’d need to stop a time or two to rest I can now do without resting in under 20 minutes. We’ll probably look for ways to extend the route a bit soon, so it’s back to 1/2 hour. Balance is still kind of wonky, but improving. I don’t have a death grip on the handlebars all the time, at any rate. I’m even figuring out how to work the gears.

The renovations will continue in bits and pieces as I figure out what I’m trying to do with the site. For now, though, I’m feeling kind of accomplished despite missing yesterday.


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