The Silence of the Betas

Despite the joys of pollenpocalypse kicking my butt and the day job getting… “interesting” in the lead up to a major deployment this Thursday, I am coming to the conclusion that I can’t wait any more for feedback from my betas. I’m going to have to start the edit phase (part the first) on the space Prussians before the next one kicks me and makes me start writing it.

The silence has more to do with my innate ability to choose the worst possible time to do absolutely anything than anything else. No sooner had I emailed the thing out than all my betas had their lives go feral. It’s remarkable how this happens. I can bring entire industries screeching to a halt merely by gaining qualifications to enter them.

I think it’s an aspect of my software testing chaos field, the one that breaks things wherever I go and whatever I do. Stable operating systems I work with… aren’t. Even when I want them to be. Sometimes especially when I want them to be.

Reliable beta readers who were salivating at the chance to beta the space Prussians get it and everything goes to hell in their life, leaving me with… silence. Not even a “you suck”. It does wonders for my insecurities, I tell you.

Still, such things are meant to try us, onwards and upwards, and all that. If I don’t keep trying to make progress I’ll go backwards, so editing phase beginneth this week, beta feedback or no beta feedback.


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