Renovations Day 4

I am trialing the JetPack plugin to see if that will give me the automagical social media postage I desire. I think I got it set up properly last night.

I’m also trying to work out what the heck I want to get out of this thing. I’m not so sure about that. Okay, I’d eventually like to wind up with some kind of following of people who want to buy what I write, but I have serious issues seeing myself as the kind of interesting person who would attract a following that would want to buy my stuff.

This may have a little to do with the way all my previous attempts at this blogging thing died.

I guess that’s what I’ll tell the marketing guru-ish person (and let’s be honest, with my lack of marketing skill any viable marketing knowledge = marketing guru-ish).

Now to click the button and see if it goes through to the Book of Faces.


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