Sunday Pot-Pourri

End of the week update – which I hope to make a regular post.

I’ve got most of the website and associated hookups in place and doing what they should

I’ve switched over my .sig to Impaler on my main email.

I still need to set my assorted newsgroup posting .sigs to do the same thing, although until the new, new NEW Baen’s Bar NNTP interface gets going I’ll be waiting.

I’ve written three very long guest blogs about Impaler, and one very long post here about Impaler – well, mostly about Vlad, which is kind of the same thing.

Actual wordage on stories – nil. All this administrative stuff takes time. Maybe this week I’ll get a chance to actually focus on something again.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Pot-Pourri

  1. Hey Kate,

    Good luck on the writing. Yeah, the administration really does take quite a bit out of a person. Personally I just have problems shifting gears between work/parenting/reserach/writing/etc…

    So, ummm… yeah, good luck.
    Oh, and I really enjoyed the insight on Impaler, gives one perspective it does.


  2. Daniel,

    Thanks! It can be really difficult to make that switch.

    Impaler is a topic I could ramble on about forever – it’s an interesting time, and Vlad was an interesting person.

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